Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Miscellanei / Ziggy Liberated

Huh - I just noticed that Scientology is advertising on my blog through Google ads. I doubt they'd advertise if they'd read the blog's actual contents. Two ads which seem to fit a theme are the two for gay online dating and David Bowie album re-releases. They'll be putting up synchronized swimming banners before you know it. . .

Those of you who have been poking around in my profile have probably noticed Ziggy Liberated, my new year-long project. It's an attempt to divine enlightenment and joy from a source that most people aren't used to finding it - namely the comic strip "Ziggy." Sometimes on-topic, sometimes off, the blog's been a blast to right so far and is shaping up to become the most popular thing that I've ever written.

I've long-noticed the philosophical ramifications of the strip, but just now gotten around to starting this project after seeing a couple kickers. Of course, the blog also has its lighter moments, meaning that it's not complete despair and nihilism.

And as with Forest For the Trees, I'll be posting every day that I am able.

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