Friday, December 18, 2009

Epic 70-minute video explains why The Phantom Menace was flawed

This guy does an excellent job of explaining the flaws in the Star Wars prequels. The highlight of Part One? "Describe the following Star Wars character without describing the way they look, or their profession in the films." Interesting characters abound in the original trilogy - Han Solo, for example. Now try it with Qui-Gon Jin or Amidala. Nope, "monotone" is not a character attribute.

Embedded above is part one. Follow this link for all seven parts. Oh, and yes, after part 2 in particular these videos get pretty hilarious. If you're not comfortable with serial killer jokes you may wish to move on, however.

EDIT: Language warning etc.


  1. Explaining the flaws ... along with me and all the other intelligent people who like Star Wars and have been picking apart the prequels in innumerable hours of conversations over the last decade.

    Seriously, seventy minutes?? TLDW.

  2. It's more incisive than you would expect. Also, jackass.


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