Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What happens if net neutrality fails?

Reddit user quink offers this startling glimpse of what would likely happen should net neutrality fail. Click on the image to enlarge:

I love the little honest touches in this one - the way the company compartmentalizes the internet as if certain functions can be experienced separately, rather than thinking of the internet as a massive, interrelated organic unit as most of us do, or tries to rely on the ignorance of the consumer to sell stupid services they shouldn't need in the first place. A classic case of "break it, then fix it for a price."



  1. The End Of The Internet As We Know It may be the one thing (if any) that could actually precipitate an aggressive left-libertarian social movement in America.

  2. Well, considering that modern libertarianism seems to assert the right of corporations to trample everybody over, and this newest wake of fake libertarianism the exclusive right to freedom for corporations, we're gonna have to see some pretty big demographic or terminological changes before libertarianism has anything in common with populism.

  3. That is what I mean: where "populism" denotes Left-libertarian, as opposed to Left-authoritarian.

    Pessimist though I am, I have to say that the former group really does seem the majority; but we are not organized and decidedly not in power, partly because most of us are too busy enjoying the good things in life to have much ambition.

    If I may say so, the wingnut Right is merely louder, in proportion to the convenience to moneyed interests in giving them platforms, and also in proportion to their sexual repression.

    And anyway, no shlub really wants his internet to go away, I think, even if his stated abstract freedom-for-corporation beliefs imply otherwise.

  4. I know what you meant. I just wanted to sound smart! Can't you give me that!?!


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