Thursday, October 22, 2009

R.I.P. Hulu

Maybe the headline is a little dramatic, but it seems that Hulu's transition to a paid subscription model in 2010 is going to lead us back from the age of watching TV online into the glorious new well-charted realms of downloading TV online and then watching it. It's an extra step for most people, but it doesn't play the same blasted car ad again and again.

Hulu's advertising flexibility aside, for the record I feel Hulu will probably survive online as a subscription service - the video quality is nice enough and the speed speedy enough that I doubt everybody is going to abandon our old friend when it gets too big for its britches. Still, anybody who knows their way around a torrent pretty much has no excuse for paying for broadcast television shows that you can't even download (unless Hulu makes some significant changes). We'll see. Well, those of us who don't forget about the site entirely in six months will see.

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