Monday, June 15, 2009

Ziggy Liberated reborn as "Ziggy's Journey"

About a month ago I wrapped up my year-long project Ziggy Liberated, a sort of guided tour of the world of Ziggy. Ostensibly it was also fueled by philosophy, though it should be obvious to anybody who read the feature that I used it more as a way of getting more mileage out of a comic strip I've grown to appreciate. Ziggy (both the feature and the titular character) has an odd resonance, as well as some very peculiar events and writing. I've grown to quite like the feature, to the point where I'm proud to tout it as one of the finest features on the comics page (acknowledging, of course, that competition in that area has been pretty scarce since the mid-90s).

This is a sort of formal announcement that I've rebooted Ziggy Liberated as Ziggy's Journey, a stranger, more plot-driven feature that will give me a chance to explore some more metaphysical concepts. It seems unlikely that I'll be changing the URL for the feature, though I'll be updating the visual style of the site over the next few weeks. The archived year of Ziggy Liberated will remain online, naturally. I hope you enjoy - I know I will.

Ziggy's Journey (Ziggy Liberated)

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