Monday, February 02, 2009

American Muslims and civil rights - Al Arabiya News

More than a year after he was dismissed from his job at a Pennsylvanian nuclear laboratory and had his security access revoked by the Department of Energy for ill-defined reasons of "national security," Dr. Moneim El-Ganayni has returned to his native Egypt and is finally speaking out about the abuses and discrimination he received at the hands of an overzealous government, reports El Arabiya.

Dr. El-Ganayni, a naturalized American citizen, feels that he was dismissed to silence his criticisms of the treatment of Muslims in America. The fact that he was never prosecuted for any crime, as well as the absolute dearth of any real evidence on the part of the DOE, certainly seem to point that way.

An annual report issued by CAIR about the state of Muslim civil rights in the U.S. found that 52 percent of rights violations in 2007 involved legal or immigration cases and hate propaganda. A survey by the Pew Research Center found that 53 percent of Muslim-Americans believe the government “singles out Muslims for increased surveillance and monitoring.”

Presumably those 53 percent of Muslims were pulled into dark vans immediately after taking the survey and questioned by Minuteman Project volunteers with bad haircuts.

Egypt-US physicist slams US govt discrimination, speaks out from Egypt about civil rights abuses (Al Arabiya)

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