Thursday, December 04, 2008

"Here comes the gubmint for our guns!"

In a move that anybody with a working brain stem could have predicted, gun "enthusiasts" (note to self: please replace "enthusiasts" with "nuts" in all future posts on this topic) have been rushing out to buy weapons before the Obama shocktroopers come around the mountain to take everything that goes boom, pop and bang.

Though it's easy to bash gun nuts for their reactive hot-button issue ways, the economics behind this are undeniable: by and large, Democrats are seen as the party of gun control, and Obama's position on gun control has been somewhat inconsistent for those who really care about this sort of thing. This, coupled with the fact that Obama clearly has no problem getting the federal government involved in states' rights issues could get some people worried. (Though in all fairness it's clear that Obama at least understands that gun control can't be imposed at the federal level without an amendment, leaving it as a states' rights issue. It will be refreshing to have a president who can give answers on Constitutional issues. Google "Bush + Constitution" for more context.)

Anyway, how many reactionary gun nuts have really thought about the issue in these terms?

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