Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Online Flashcard Set For Japanese 101

I've created a neat little flash card set of basic greetings and vocab for my introductory Japanese class (one I'm taking, not teaching) online over at It's a nice site which lets you create simple flash cards in a few minutes. The set includes both Japanese/English greetings as well as the other way around (you can actually set the program to shuffle randomly between words and definitions but I prefer to include different information).

I've elected to use pronunciation-based romaji (English depictions of Japanese language) rather than unintuitive English phrases (for example, "Konnichi" rather than "Konniti", "Douzo" rather than "Dozo").

Try it out and tell me what you think. Just click "start study session", then "begin". It should be suitable for novices and includes some basic information, but I'd sure like to hear if anybody more versed in the language than me sees any mistakes or incomplete information.

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