Monday, September 08, 2008

Metallica Update - IGN Has No Idea What They're Doing

Admittedly, IGN (especially IGN Music) can be laughably bad at times, but maybe no rating at all is better than having no idea just what on Earth you're doing. The following leads me to believe that they've either gotten MiniTrue to step in and change their ratings to the new Metallica album after the fact, or somebody screwed up in a spreadsheet somewhere.

From the sidebar of IGN's review of Decease Electrostatic:

And in the review's conclusion:

Apparently the real rating is 8.1, if IGN's review page is anything to go by. Why do I continue reading IGN? Their URL is easy to type, and reading popular websites run by dumber individuals is good for the ego. DOH, ho ho ho!

NOTE (9/14): This gets even weirder. Apparently this wasn't even a review for the complete album, but just the final track, "My Apocalypse". They've since changed the numerical score on the sidebar and the reviews page to match the one at the bottom, and they've changed every instance on the page (including the page name) from "Death Magnetic" to "My Apocalypse". Remember, these guys are professionals.

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