Thursday, July 17, 2008

One Of These Oughta Keep the Coons Outta the Basement. . .

There's something visceral and exciting about a ruthlessly-accurate robot gun, and not just for gamers. Building something out of spare parts that boasts a reaction time to rival the fastest, most caffeinated of humans is a real achievement, doubly so when you consider the home defense applications. (Note to the makers of the now one million-strong Terrorist Watch List - it's a joke!)

But if gamer blog Kotaku proves anything, it's that the thought of the thing doesn't hold a candle to watching the thing in action, particularly for gamers who have simulated this sort of thing before and wonder how it would translate to real life.

Pretty well, it turns out. Check out this video of a software-controller robotic paintball turret in motion and tell me it doesn't get your blood going:

Be sure to check out the diversion/decoy attempt at 2:15. Didn't work out too well. . .

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