Thursday, May 01, 2008

What's Going On With Jack Thompson?

Does everybody remember vigilante lawyer Jack Thompson, whose anti-gaming crusades have provided fodder for cable news and boiled fanboy britches the world over? This picture, sent by Jack to various gaming sites, has been making the rounds on the web lately, confusing people the world over:

Keep in mind that the veracity of this image is confirmed. GamePolitics sheds a little context on the situation:

The only clue is the subject line of the e-mail, which says, cryptically: "Evidence".

Now, considering that even I am beginning to get disenchanted with the escalating adult themes in this series (GTAIII was, after all, more campy than actually offensive). It's likewise doubtful that Jack's suddenly become a fan of the series; let's all remember our history. Mark my words: it's either a publicity stunt or a precursor to his next lawsuit, Florida Bar permitting.Thompson's been getting funnier and less intense lately, a trend which I hope will continue. He'll be hosting a gameshow before 2010 if the universe has any justice.

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