Thursday, May 01, 2008

Destroy Oil To End the Holy War

We all know that economics and trade have always been more effective, dangerous weapons than scuds and bombs. Scott Adams noticed the obvious truth - that our nation will never elect a president who proposes a workable energy solution; there's no dollars behind it. What we like is stupid wasteful stuff like ethanol - turning corn into inefficient fuel while our nation faces a food shortage, all because the farmers want it.

Fixing our oil dependency would solve much of our world's environmental, economic and political problems. It would crush cartels and fatten consumer wallets worldwide. And Israel is the only nation with the incentive to do it.

Says Scott:

The oh-my-God moment came when I realized that Israel can destroy all of its local enemies by inventing solar technology that makes oil uneconomical. Such an invention would do more harm than any military attack. And it’s all legal and moral. The politicians and business people in Israel have all the right incentives times a thousand. Their very survival is at risk. Israel is one patent away from crushing every oil producing country in the world.
The obvious problem here is that some of the most unstable nations in the world would lose their principle (and in some countries, almost single) source of income. It's an issue to deal with, but I say full steam ahead.

Israel Defeats the Entire Middle East (The Dilbert Blog)

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