Saturday, May 24, 2008

Ice Age Woes

The Ice Age movie series has set a remarkable standard for protagonist longevity - if I recall correctly, the first two flicks saw our heroes survive an oncoming ice age, only to pop out on the other side of the ice, none the worse for wear. This makes them, using a most conservative estimate, several thousand years old. Remarkable longevity, that.

By the standards of the Ice Age series, then, perhaps I shouldn't be surprised that the upcoming 2009 installment of the series is set to pit our perennial whiny mammoth, lithping sloth and blah blah bland saber-toothed tiger against the King Rexes of the animal kingdom. That's right - Ice Age 3 is up to its arse in Allosaurs.

There are dinosaurs in Ice Age 3. So what? Furry, mammalian creatures from the ice age are prepared to coexist with the monsters of the Mesozoic. I understand the rationale: the movie's set in the past? Who cares if they fudge some of the details?

What's next? Ice Age 4: The Kennedy Assassination?

Watching the movie's by-the-numbers teaser trailer does little to convince me that the film will be particularly memorable. I sort of liked the first Ice Age when it came out, though at the time I was sixteen years old and prone to watching shlock like Titan A.E. Honestly, I have no desire to see another cliched treatment of an already cliched genre - the buddy movie.

Besides, is that blasted furry squirrel still supposed to be funny? Watch the Monster Camp trailer instead.


  1. The purpose of movies like unto the Ice Age collection is this and this alone. To entertain my 1 year old with bright colors, loud noises and music.

    Beyond that, they are worthless. Unless I suppose you were stranded on a deserted island with the movies and some manner of projection equipment and you use them for food.

  2. If lights and loud music are your primary concerns, why not take the little one to a rave? Of course I'm being facetious - very good point about the purpose of these movies. I'm sure when I have young'uns I'll feel a bit differently.

    I used to watch "Pete's Dragon" as a kid, and I like to think that my artistic standards have improved somewhat since then. Having said that, heaven knows that I'm still a sucker for bright lights and pretty colors.

  3. narender soni11:29 PM

    No any next ice-age movies . its all over. there is no any title or movie on Ice-Age.


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