Friday, April 11, 2008

Tommenkrußen: Tom Cruise Scientology Video Redux (En Deutsch!)

Remember that Tom Cruise Scientology Video awhile back? The one that was so fearsome and hilarious that I went to the trouble of transcribing nearly the whole thing?

We've seen Pastafarian/pirate versions, a Hillary/Tom Cruise mashup worth its weight in donations, but something about the German translation just gets me. I said earlier that something takes the cake. This one eats it in front of you and torches your house with you in it.

From the original German description (translated to English):

"Original translation of the Tom Criuse speech. Dr. Herforth naeherbringt [?] the church of the reason to the masses, on the basis the brilliant illuminated speech of Tom Cruise, translated into German."

So, that block of German translated into English identifies the following as the Scientology video, translated from English into German. Got it?

Tom Cruise Scientology Deutsche original Übersetzung

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