Saturday, February 09, 2008


It's been another sparse week of updates, my friends, but I'd like to get everything out of the way that's been on my mind since Monday. This won't be very focused but neither am I:

With the Grammies on the way (tomorrow, it seems, though it's irrelevant since my TV antenna is busted), Ask Vulture have put together a nice flowchart to help you determine whether the show if worth your time. It's difficult to make it through the choices with the chart's blessing but anyone nonetheless interested in supporting bland, mainstream music should enjoy it. Which, of course, goes without saying.

My roommates and I just watched last year's Eragon with the full intent of mocking it. Unfortunately, it wasn't quite bad enough for full-on mocking. Bland, colorless and uninspired, yes, but not really terrible: the film was so generic that it didn't even have the energy to sink into abject self-parody. Shame on you, Eragon, for being afraid to really sink into the depths of mediocrity. Narnia was a moderately-better film but leagues more mock-able. You can't even get up the energy to hate Eragon.

In the past, I've resisted the urge to hit YouTube's top videos, but I finally gave in and have found the results surprisingly enjoyable. I guess if everybody else likes it, then it must be good.

I had another letter published in my college paper, BYU's Daily Universe. It's the second one in the link. Congrats to the Daily Universe staff for spelling my name right for once and only adding one grammatical mistake ("On-campus"!? With a hyphen? Give me a break!). They've published me twice before. The first time they mangled my syntax, making me sound like an addlepated twat, and spelled my name wrong to boot. The following incident was a limerick competition, wherein they irrationally edited my perfectly-acceptable opening word " 'Twas " to a weaker "Was", and misattributed another limerick written by another student to me. No, they never published a correction. I'm hoping that the latest "correction" was just a typo and that they've wised up somewhat and stopped trying to "improve" opinion pieces by adding mistakes.

The always-hilarious (and photogenic) HappySlip has been touring the Philippines for more than a week now, courtesy of the Philippines Dept of Tourism. She's been concentrating on some of the more provincial areas of the country, meaning that she won't have the opportunity to be exposed over a prolonged period to some of the lovely smog that kept my shirts a nice shade of off-white from 2005 to 2007.

I've been working on a new song (with with less samples and more original content, at least for the second half), which should be up here within the week. I'm also going to be working on some wacky Musique Concrète for my art class. The first will definitely go on my upcoming album, which none of you give a wet slap about yet, mainly because you don't yet know how mind-bendingly awesome it's going to be. I'm only three tracks in and I've already started the cover art. How's that for precociousness?

Have a great weekend and I'll be more bloggy next week. Maybe even tomorrow!

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  1. Anonymous2:20 PM

    Dustin, I love you, man. These blogs bring me back to the great times in Makati. Keep me updated on your music, keep working on your comics, and consider making this a podcast as well as a blog. Oh yeah, learn Lojban, dang it, o papatayin kita!



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