Thursday, December 06, 2007

Website Validates My Existence. . . Sort of

The Blog Readability Test is a respected online algorithm designed to determine your blog's intellectual level and readability. Apparently there's a bug in the code because I received the above rating on my first run-through.

A little Google-ing deflated my burgeoning self-confidence, however. Two posts on

Sari Al-Hiari says:
indicate that I may not have the bragging rights I initially thought:
It said Genius for me too, I guess it goes to genius rating if it doesnt understand the content, which means if you have a lot of flickr, youtube embeds as well as Arabic, you probably get the Genius rating …. which I am guessing is not a good thing.
Hani Obaid says:
I think this is random, betweent [t]his morning and now I changed from elementary to Junior high.

It appears that the website may be effectively a measure of incomprehensibility. Perhaps a better post image would read: "Your Blog is INCOMPREHENSIBLE. Good luck communicating with others."

And I was all-too prepared to begin a rant of stream-of-consciousness nonsense to artificially boost the rating, too:

Ambidextrous troglodytes reciprocated across the discombobulation of the all-null radiating void, secure in their euphemistic paroxysms assurance a time-lapse profanity splash gapped-type land craft mapped toucrache.


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