Tuesday, December 04, 2007

OK - Drudge is Officially Full of Crap

I've posted on DrudgeReport misinformation in the past. This, however, actually makes me angry. This spits on every previous example of journalistic misconduct that I've seen into complete intellectual dishonesty.

The offending headline(s) were printed adjacently on December 4th:

Senate's 'historic vote on global warming' set for Wednesday...

Snow likely...

Either Drudge has been taking lessons from Ann Coulter on sanctimonious conservative prickishness or he's started inserting his abrasive radio personality into his news coverage. If Drudge keeps his intellectual integrity intact (I won't lie - he's been moderate in the past) I'll stay with him. If he's going to continue to look down on his audience like so, I will turn elsewhere.

I have posted a copy of the image on the top of the page, but Blogger image posting is not working today for some reason. Just one of the lovely perks of this service.


  1. Um... are you really that angry about it? You have been following drudge for a while now, and you know that he has a conservative spin on his site. why be angry about it? we all have biases in the way we present information. in many of your posts you have used sarcastic methods to make a point; why not allow others to do the same?

  2. A UCLA study on media bias actually determined that the Drudge Report has maintained a centrist slant nearly since its inception. I have felt that it has been fair in the past in its story selection.

    Recently I have noticed one of my favorite resources trending downward and have felt obliged to comment. It is not the conservative slant I object to but the snarky, dismissing and often misleading headlines that have saddened me. Professionalism is neither liberal nor conservative but should be expected of any journalist.

    Drudge's "point" could only have been that global warming and snow are mutually exclusive. Warming at this point is theorized to be around 1.7 degrees and the existence of snow is hardly revelatory.

    Now regarding myself. Though I've been somewhat serious of late in a few of my posts, I am under no delusions that I am anything but a sarcastic blogger and expect nothing better of myself. When I get hits to the tune of 1m+/day I'll reconsider my image - until then, I hope nobody mistakes my blog for my actual opinions :).


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