Thursday, November 15, 2007

Sax Madness and Raving Concert Lunatic

I attended an "avant-garde" concert last night for my music class. Most of it was fairly unremarkable, aside from a neat saxaphone/laptop solo that inspired this doodle:

From the program: "Fiore. A solo saxaphone is processed through live computer electronics. The signal path is split and routed through multiple layers of processing, each layer manipulated using feedback loops, vocoders, pitch shifters, distortions, ring modulators, and delays. Nothing is pre-recorded. - Lance Montgomery, saxaphone and electronics"

The first half was great - it was clicky and melodic, like the best indie (very "Kid A"-era Radiohead). The second half was like the picture.

The concert got more interesting after this number, wherein a man halfway across the concert hall stood up and starting screaming at a couple people sitting one row behind me, a few seats away. Their very surreal conversation went like this:

OVERREACTING LUNATIC: "Are you the one that's been talking!?! Is it you that's been talking!?! I can hear you across this entire concert hall."

ABUSEE [taken aback]: "Very sorry, sir."

OVERREACTING LUNATIC: "I want you to know that you've ruined the last three numbers!?! You - you just don't give a #$(@, do you!?!"

ABUSEE [angry and defensive]: "Apparently not, sir."

OVERREACTING LUNATIC: "Why don't you leave? I can't trust you if you stay. Why don't you just leave now!?!"

ABUSEE: "We're leaving, sir."

This guy apparently has hearing sensitivity to rival that of a tuning fork because I couldn't hear these people talking. Maybe just a little, during the craziest parts of the laptop/saxaphone solo, but that's it.

And whether they were talking isn't even the issue. How does this nutbag react when a policeman writes him a ticket? If the guy at the supermarket won't accept his credit card?

You don't treat other people like that. If anybody ruined my concert last night, it was him.

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  1. Dustin! Just letting your readers know...


    Love the blog. And thanks for the compliment.



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