Wednesday, October 17, 2007

More Stupid Nooses

Once again, racist morons have continued to garner undue publicity with another noose stunt. First the incident at that backwater high school, then some hicktard hangs a noose on a professor's door, now a noose from a forklift in Long Island.

My take on the whole thing: CAN IT WITH THE STUPID NOOSES ALREADY!

To those attempting another go at a forgotten era of this sort of thing, Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune has some words for you:

"Sorry, young man, but I knew the '60s. This is not them."

These guys are making a statement about as subtle as doorbell ring-and-run. Everybody gets their knickers worked up but in the end you haven't accomplished anything. I don't know much about racial demographics but a know a coupla racists, and they're not the moustachiest nazi in the Reich, if you catch my drift (bad metaphor translated: you're stupid).

Shave your head and tattoo racial slurs on your forehead if you're really serious about this sort of thing. At least you'll show an ounce of backbone before the rest of us break yours.

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