Friday, September 07, 2007

Make Your Own Barbie Electric Chair

Do-it-yourself site Instructables has a great new project set up for all you aspiring death row wards:

How to Make the Barbie Electric Chair

A nice attempt to bring a little Texas Justice to the toy world, the Barbie electric chair can be built using materials you'll find around the home plus a little American know-how. My mind boggles that this started out as a science fair project. . .

Actually, this whole thing reminds me of the unfortunate end to a certain teddy bear that had been lying around our apartment for some time. Nobody seemed to want him, and after weeks of being used to mop up spills he was getting pretty gross to have around, so we cleansed the poor guy by fire. He ended up some sort of creepy styrofoam bear soup.

About this point the little guy lost all structural integrity.

The poor thing never had a chance. Or anybody who loved him.

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