Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bachmann Bailouts

The most rabidly anti-gay representatives invariably turn out to be gay, and certain talk show hosts railing against drug use in the inner cities have proven themselves to be quite the pill-poppers themselves, so this is hardly a surprise - Michele Bachmann, long a raging critic of government bailout programs (and who famously insinuated that President Obama may have anti-American views and that Congress should be investigated for the same) received, over ten years, a quarter million dollars in federal subsidies to her family farm. As always, socialism is only socialism when it helps the poor.

It's well known that red states receive more federal funding, though read the article to find further that (ding ding ding ding!) "the top four districts receiving the largest ag[ricultural] payments are represented by conservative Republicans."

Further proving that, sigh, this recent outrage has more to do with making sure that the nation's wealth trickles upward than that Uncle Sam keeps his hands out of the private sector.


P.S. By the way, read up on Michele Bachmann - it's quite entertaining. She seems completely committed to saying the most shortsighted thing possible in any given situation.

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