Sunday, November 15, 2009

Veep on the Brink

The Barnes and Noble special edition cover of a certain former Alaskan governor's masterwork has finally made it into my office. Frankly I prefer it to the standard cover. Anybody who endures hundreds of pages of misguided victimhood, historical reinvention and self-aggrandizement oughta at least get a funny cover out of it.

EDIT: Here's what I said awhile back on Palin's book:
In other news, Sarah Palin is going on Oprah to promote her printy-book Going Rogue: An American Life. Get ready for the book to contain embarrassing selections and Palin to sputter in interviews before blaming her ghostwriter and finally swearing off liberal interviewers who insist on context.
Palin three weeks later: "Boo! People researching my mistakes is exactly what killed me in the campaign! Why should the AP employ 2.5% of their researchers fact-checking my book, one of the major news stories of this week, when they could be investigating Nancy Pelosi!"

You understand this is only going to get more fun, right? Like, in that you-feel-dirty-but-you-laugh voyeuristic reality show TV way, right? People like Sarah Palin, who inflate reality and demonize others with invented bias, would do great in a world without memories or Google. Unfortunately for Sarah Palin, we have memories and Google.

EDIT CODE RED: This gets better. In a segment where Rush Limbaugh calls the best questions he gets asked "the ones I ask myself," he calls Palin's book "One of the most substantive policy books I've read." Frankly book-reading doesn't really mesh too well with that whole "The first thing I come up with on an issue is the unvarnished, immalleable truth" thing that opinion leaders have going, which frankly calls into question the extent of Rush's home library, but what the hey. If Rush calls your marathon the "best he's ever run" or your space shuttle the "best he's ever piloted," who are you to argue with the endorsement?

I guess I'll have to keep an open mind. The Limbaugh Book Club hasn't failed me before. I've almost finished "Hop on Pop: How to Defeat Tyrrrny and Trrrism" and I'm glad I picked it up.

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