Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Senior Citizens comment on MGMT to hilarious effect

This is genius. Old people watching, and commenting on, one of the most effed up (and, I believe, subtle and evocative, albeit horrific) music videos in recent memory. One of the video's commentors noted the distance between the preceding generations and ours - most young people, raised on irony, symbolism and meta-meanings to things (after all, that kid is really scared) wouldn't bat an eye at this stuff. The sustained look of horror in that woman's eyes at 2:20 is priceless and unnerving.

I laughed harder than I think I have in weeks, though there's that odd idea hanging in the rafters - what if they're all right, and we're sick for producing and watching this stuff? After all, it's not really a matter of being old and out of touch; the folks in the video were literally raised on a different diet of conceptions.

(Oh, and yes - the "mom" is Joanna Newsom, supposedly doing a spot-on send-off of Britney Spears.)


  1. I can't stand old people things like that so I went and looked up the plain music video and watched it. And I certainly did bat an eye at it. Maybe I don't watch enough MTV.

    But I do believe the thing ought to have just been animation all the way through. Every kid will inevitably be terrified in his life, of course, but deliberately making it so is seriously wrong.

  2. That's the dilemma, of course. We're big on meta humor and entertainment these days, for better or worse, while such things didn't really exist back in "the day" (February 2, 1921).


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