Sunday, October 18, 2009

More evidence that Glenn Beck's show is an elaborate, brainy farce

This woman's lab coat says "Richard." (Jump to 7:40 or see the pic below.)

Is she a doctor? Did she kill Richard and supplant his role on the show? See this screenshot for a better, albeit grainy, look:

It wouldn't be fair to read too much into this unintentionally hilarious image, but we are dealing with the master of tenuous connections, so I think for humorous effect I'll interpret this is evidence of faux-libertarian treachery backed by ACORN, the RIAA, Hagar the Horrible and the bass player from Styx.

Next week on Glenn Beck: horses with human masks arguing against stem cell research.

EDIT: To really ride with this as a serious point would be as dumb as attacking Obama for ordering spicy mustard. Read the comments below for some more context - I don't like Mr. Beck but this isn't one of the foundations of my argument.

Source: I'm not saying Glenn Beck [planted] fake doctors in his panel, I'm just saying this woman's lab coat says her name is "Richard"


  1. A tale of two marches on Washington....

    One took place in the late summer of 1963, the other in the late summer of 2009. One was promoted by a preacher from Georgia named Martin Luther King, the other by a former "shock jock" from the state of Washington named Glenn Beck. Ouch! Even mentioning the two of them in the same paragraph is somehow disconcerting.

    In 1963, the the people were singing, We Shall Overcome.

    Forty-six years later, the chant was, We Shall Undermine.

    In 1963, a vast and varied demographic of the American people - all races and religions - descended on the nation's capitol to peaceably and nonviolently protest an injustice that was occurring in certain areas of the country to people of a certain skin pigmentation.

    Forty-six years later, a Convention of Pissed-Off White People - united only by the fact that they were all habitual viewers of a single cable news channel - rolled into Washington to hurl invective at an African American president for creating a mess that he had absolutely nothing to do with creating.

    In 1963, the signs people held up were optimistic: "With Liberty and Justice for All."

    Forty-six years later, the signs were ominous: "We Came Unarmed - THIS TIME!"

    On August 28, 1963, the hearts of people who marched on the city of Washington DC were filled with love and hope.

    On September 12, 2009 they were just full of shit.

    Let us boil the comparisons down to their juicy essentials, shall we? Martin Luther King had a dream. Glenn Beck has a scheme.

    Tom Degan
    Goshen, NY

  2. I doubt every doctor showed up on the set with a lab coat. So they gave her one. And they pinned her name on it. But weren't able to completely cover up the old name.


    Come on, Dustin. You are smarter than that. Don't jump to idiotic conclusions based on such flimsiness.

    Yes, I have problems with Glenn Beck. But I have a bigger problem with idiots who spread this kind of idiot logic around.

    You are smarter than that.

  3. If you are going to attack Glenn, do so with some REAL logic, and REAL evidence. There's plenty out there. No need to pawn out this junk.

    Didn't you yourself argue that we need civil, logical discussions based on facts?

  4. I don't think she's not a doctor, Jeff. I think the simplest explanation is that she's a doctor and is just wearing somebody else's lab coat. I didn't mean this particular incident as an attack against Glenn Beck.

    I just think that a woman with a name tag pasted over the name "Richard" is inherently funny and wanted to do the horses joke. And all of the supposition below is something I don't really believe, while a light parody of Glenn Beck's methods. I obviously approached my commentary from the perspective of one who thinks he deserves nothing but scorn, but this incident doesn't reflect on him at all.

    Tom, thanks for the comment but I'll probably delete any future copy-and-pastes.

  5. Thanks for the clarification. Before your edit, all I really had to go on was the title of the post (which definitely implies that you used it as evidence against Beck, which I now know is sarcastic).

  6. To be fair, people run with this sort of stuff for political points. So. . . understood. To be fair, I use this type of writing even when I am making legitimate points :).


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