Sunday, September 27, 2009

Telling information about "indefinite detention"

This comment from Constitutional lawyer Wells Dixon sheds a little light on the process of "indefinite preventative detention," or lifelong imprisonment without charges or proof of people the government deems may be a danger to the U.S.:
“When the government does something to [an individual] that they say is classified, they have disclosed to him classified information. But since he doesn’t have a security clearance, there is nothing that prevents him, unlike me, from saying to the outside world: ‘This is what they did to me.’ Nothing prevents that — except for the fact that he is physically in custody.”’

The “logical conclusion,” Dixon says, is that [this person] “must be detained for the rest of his life — regardless of whether he is ever charged with a crime — because if he was ever released, nothing would prevent him from disclosing this information.
Government using incarceration as a political tool rather than a way of dealing with criminals? Why, what a novel idea for a democracy!


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  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    America is not (never was, and should not be) a democracy. We are a republic. But yeah, that is scary.


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