Sunday, August 02, 2009

Thesis and Evidence

Thesis: Megacorporations censor the news and restrict reporting on their shady dealings, effectively keeping Americans in the dark about policies that affect them and the world while walking hand in hand with Washington.

Exhibit 1: Fox News and MSNBC coming to an agreement to mutually censor both Bill O'Reilly and Keith Olbermann in order to protect the megacorporations that run these networks.

Watch this incredible now-banned SNL sketch for the more general gist of what's going on. (On a related note, NBC is particularly diligent about keeping this sketch out of circulation, citing their own copyright.) When a few major corporations seek to control our nation's flow of information, it's particularly easy to make the independent media look like alarmist nuts for reporting stories and taking perspectives the more mainstream media will never touch.

EDIT: I'm very glad to be wrong, barring a continuation of the conspiracy theory. Let's hope Bill follows suit on the paltry bit of good reporting he was doing.

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