Thursday, August 20, 2009

"I want everybody to remember WHY THEY NEED US!"

(No, my frame of reference for tyrants does not end at this movie, but the visual appeal is undeniable.)

So yes, now it's pretty much official that the Bush Administration pressured Tom Ridge to raise the terror alert for Bush's reelection. If the potential for this sort of thing to happen (and the fact that it did happen) isn't Exhibit A in the case for the uselessness of this manipulative system, nothing oughta change your mind. Bush already capitalized on American fear of the foreigner and perceived weakness to bust pretty much anybody he wanted to connect with trrrism, but there's never been clearer evidence that manipulation was so conspicuously hard-coded into his policies.

No matter how angry we get at Obama for trying to insure the uninsured, remember this.


  1. When I saw V for Vendetta in the theater I was rather surprised at how seditious it was. An oligarchy less confident than ours would have censored it.

  2. I think that movie had the advantage that nobody who didn't already keep up on this stuff would recognize the obvious people and policies being aped in the movie.


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