Friday, July 03, 2009

"Oh, Palin!" Alaska governor resigns, possibly to star in a sitcom about a bungleheaded former politician

Sarah Palin was for the wasteful "Bridge to Nowhere" before she was against it, and proudly defended Alaskans' sharing of local resources and profits before attacking Obama's "socialism." Her campaign behavior was a confounding mix of confused, cautiously generic statements and self-righteous attacks. She seemed taken aback and offended when forced to explain herself, and has always seemed most comfortable with sympathetic interviewers who wear hypocrisy blinders.

Here is a woman who frequently looks as if she has no idea what she is doing at any given moment, but everybody else seems obliged to go along for the ride. And now she's resigning her governorship for a multitude of confusing, possibly conflicting reasons. There's talk that she might be considering a run for president, but it's a given that she's resigning in disgrace. I'm betting on both.

She seems like a nice person going through a hard time, so I'm willing to forgive all unless she gives any hint that she'll be making a presidential run, in which case I'll be wearing the following T-shirt every day:

Palin resigns ("I reject the conventional lame duck status!"

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