Monday, June 22, 2009

Eh, I'll get another fifteen minutes of fame in a couple of months. . .

I posted a semi-sly bit of editorial imaging onto Reddit about five hours ago, and came back after some Father's Day stuff to find it the top link on Reddit and on the front page of Digg, submitted by another user. It took me about a day to think of asking Alan Schaaf, the creator of Imgur, to include a watermark with my blog address in the image. He was familiar with it and glad to help.

EDIT: It was, in fact, the #1 link on both Reddit and Digg for the day.

Direct link:

Or click the image to view in fullscreen below:

Funny how Photoshopped borders and twenty minutes can get this kind of response.

Oh, and the attentive among you may notice that I've edited the image here. Frankly that particular word, however hilarious, isn't in my normal vernacular. Imgur doesn't allow you to edit submitted images so I'm stuck with it. (Ignore my explanation here if you don't care in the slightest.)


  1. I find it ironic that your blogger layout is similar to the journalism of today section of the image.

  2. I've tried to widen the margins dozens of times (to eliminate the black space and give me more horizontal space to write in) but my HTML skills suck and I always end up screwing something up and having to revert.

    Otherwise I think my layout mimics the one on the left, except for being squished and links rather than ads on the right side.

  3. Well, links AND a few ads so that I can use AdSense to track visitor numbers. . .


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