Saturday, March 28, 2009

Republicans submit response "budget" without any numbers

"I can haz respect?"

In the continuing Washington stupid-off:

President Barack Obama told his Republican critics that if they don't like his budget, they should propose their own. They submitted a proposal of sorts, but came under fire for their lack of specifics.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs said the Republican plan didn't include any numbers.

The Republicans could be serving as a check against the new administration by providing reasoned, intelligent alternatives to his plans, but in their continuing quest to look as stupid as possible they released what amounts to a 19-page pamphlet with "tax cuts" scrawled across each page in crayon.

Apparently they didn't think anybody would call their bluff when they decided to start complaining about big government the day Obama took office. They claim to be working on a real budget - I bet it'll be cute.

EDIT: Apparently they were, in fact, stupid enough to claim to be handing over a budget with no numbers.

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