Friday, March 13, 2009

Golden Half-Digested Comedy Bits

This isn't a video blog, nor is it a particularly commercial one - I posts what I likes and hope my readers resonate in some small way. Here's some of the peripheral stuff I've been doing lately:

This video of Elmo and Ricky Gervais shooting the breeze is wonderful. Something about Ricky poking the cutesy Muppet in the stomach and talking about "drugs, child abuse and the Holocaust" reminds me of the wonderful unscripted Fozzie/Kermit moments that came with The Muppet Movie.

My new comic Planet Techno is up. It's as close to what I had in mind as any of my strips so far.

Fans of The Office might want to check out this Fan Video. Or this one which does a bang-up job of recontextualizing the show as a modern horror film.

So very true, Aquaman.

I enjoyed the graphic novel Watchmen, so watching this short clip of the opening credits and trying to catch all of the references (both in-universe and relating to the story's alternate history) was a pretty sublime experience. Some disturbing imagery warning.

Finally: Obama's elf. Just watch it.

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