Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Obama to continue support for telecom immunity

Obama created a small controversy last year when he reversed his position on telecom immunity, effectively endorsing the illegal, warrantless wiretapping undertaken by the Bush administration and granting continued legal immunity to the corporations who went along with it.

Well, the new administration of President-or-President-Elect-depending-on-when-you-read-this Obama is unlikely to change its position, the Wired Blog reports, as his choice for attorney general Eric Holder indicates.

"The duty of the Justice Department is to defend statutes that have been passed by Congress," he says, absurdly. "Unless there are compelling reasons, I don't think we would reverse course." Does "unconstitutional and Orwellian" count as "compelling"?

Obama to Defend Telco Spy Immunity (Wired)

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