Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Cheney in pictures (and captions!)

I've focused so much on Dubya this week that I've completely neglected the man behind the curtain of this administration! For those of you who don't yet wish to cast him from your memory, I present Cheney in pictures:

Cheney's body language and demeanor always sent a clear message to America's enemies as well as Arabs, the poor, civil rights advocates, the young, gays, Hugo Chavez and libertarians: I, personally, will crush you.

Cheney's hatred of habeus corpus was matched only by his hatred of wizards.

Dick Cheney likes a good, evil smirk. Here he is laughing at a joke President Bush is telling about reducing domestic oil consumption. Funny, funny Bush!

Cheney always reminded me of a villain from a supernatural adventure movie - the type of white-collar guy who tries to unearth the ancient relic to keep all of the power for himself, and then ends up turning into some kind of giant, misshapen monster who battles the heroes right in the Oval Office. We'll miss you.

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