Saturday, December 06, 2008

More Dangblasted Referential, Outdated Humor: Harry Potter Titles

If this image weren't in too many places to
determine who created it, I'd attribute it.

As somebody who wasn't in the United States during the whole Harry Potter brouhaha over the last couple books, I'm really quite disappointed that only one person had proposed "Harry Potter and the Snape Kills Dumbledore" as a possible title for Book 6. The online community really needs to get on the ball.

Also no Google hits for the following:

Harry Potter Escapes From Guantanamo Bay

Harry Potter and the Inhuman Itch

Harry Potter and the Tragic Bat Mitzvah

Harry Potter and the Overbearing In-Laws

Harry Potter and the LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!!!

Harry Potter and the Neville Ruins Everything Again

Harry Potter and the Chapter of Yelling

Harry Potter and the Protracted Dream Sequences

Harry Potter and the We Designed This Typeface Just For This Book, Aren't We Just Incredible?

Harry Potter and the Rest is Moot, Really

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