Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yesterday's conversation. . .

Admittedly, most modern humor is built around awkwardness and non sequitur, and I've rarely been one to buck these trends and demand something different. At any rate, I've often found a really good non sequitur, delivered in the right context and with the appropriate emphasis, much funnier than your average stand-up punk and twice as cathartic. Thus I feel duty-bound to reprint my approximation of my roommate's comments yesterday upon looking at my iPod:

Logan: "How much memory does that thing have?"
Me (not thinking): "I don't know."
Logan: "You don't know?"
Me: "Sorry - it's a 30GB."
Logan: "How do they cram that much into that little thing? My computer only has 40GB of memory. That's just so much memory we're all gonna die."


My apologies to my audience, however limited: I haven't been feeling great lately and haven't felt the drive to post (Ziggy Liberated in particular has taken it in the shorts). I even pondered reviving Forest For the Trees this week but couldn't build up the drive to scan my old drawings and touch them up. Anyway, I'm starting to get out of the blahs so expect me back up to speed relatively soon.Link

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