Sunday, July 27, 2008

Well, As Long As It's The Aquabats! . . . I Suppose

Well, I haven't been enthralled by what I've seen so far on YouTube, but now that BoingBoing has covered it I guess I can't ignore it any longer. The Aquabats! already had a hit with quirky kid's show Yo! Gabba Gabba, and it seems they're prepared to leverage their success with the Pre-K crowd for a full-fledged Bat-themed TV show. From BoingBoing's preview of an animated portion of the show, it looks like an acceptable twist on the group's typical formula.

While I can't help but miss the Bats' older style of humor (and music that doesn't sound, frankly, like it was written on the spot for a TV show), it's interesting for them to jump straight from spoofing campy Adam West-era Batman (their older stuff) to what looks like a highly-psychedelic riff on Teen Titans, right down to western artists appropriating anime devices.

For somebody who still regards The Aquabats vs. the Floating Eye of Death! an unequivocal masterpiece, here's hoping that this new venture is successful. The band has produced some mind-blowingly awesome work for years to little commercial success, so I won't fault them for taking a different route with their recent work if it brings them the fame they've deserved for so long.

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