Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Happy One Year Blogiversary!

Lame puns aside, this incarnation of Cracking My Knuckles in Public hit its first birthday this morning! I grunted this sucker out on July 8, 2007, after only a few minutes of labor (well, I certainly wouldn't call it work), and it's been an angry, demanding little spawn ever since.

Wikipedia's article on toddler development gives us some milestones to watch for over the next few months:
12-15 Months:
  • Uses four to six letter words such as "ball" or "cookie"
  • Can follow a simple command with an associated gesture, such as: bringing a cup to you when you point at it and say "Please bring me the cup".
  • Object Permanence: Realizes things still exist when they are out of sight, such as a toy block placed into a closed box.

Sounds about right.

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  1. Happy One year! I know you like tower defenses, try gemcraft. that is a really fun one i have been playing.


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