Saturday, June 07, 2008

Unreported Under-the-Table Copyright Meetings

Did you know that militant copyrightists are currently drafting a secret worldwide agreement designed to further crush free communication and eliminate P2P and enforce copy-protection on electronics companies? The new Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement reeks of the smoke-filled rooms in which it was drafted by a host of powerful politicians and Hollywood execs, and none of the major news outlets are reporting it. Not a word.

This new law would allow border officials to search mp3 players and cell phones for copyrighted content, force Internet Service Providers to release consumer information and impose this Orwellian agreement upon developing countries. Does this sound like a threat to democracy, free expression, civil liberties and freedom? NBC doesn't think so. Neither do the flag-wavers at Fox News. Good luck finding anything about the ACTA on CNN.

It's telling that only the blogs are reporting this dystopian expansion of the ball pit of lies, self-righteous elitism and corporate interest that is modern copyright legislation. The blogging revolution came just in time, providing transparency in an age in which powerful forces want to turn us into Winston Smith and Guy Montag all at once - fat, happy and consuming the crap that they feed us. Follow this - it's going to come up again, and you won't hear it from the mainstream media outlets, Barack Obama or John McCain.

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