Friday, June 20, 2008

Stupid Lies

Every "talking head" political pundit does it, and we've covered examples from Drudge in the past, but I've long since lost my patience for headline misrepresentation. Think for just a second about the image generated by the following headline, printed in the Drudge Report:

The actual blasted story puts the story in context, painting a different picture:

There's no excuse for this.

It's the same with the reaction to the recent Obama "controversy": two low-level campaign aides at a rally refused seats directly behind Obama, near the cameras, to a couple of Muslim women wearing head-scarves. Sean Hannity proceeded to harp on this issue on his show, painting this as an example of oppression and discrimination in Obama's campaign - implicating the Democratic candidate in a controversy with which he had no direct involvement and about which he immediately condemned when he found out about it.

Mr. Hannity, what would you have done if these women had been permitted to remain directly behind Obama? You and your ilk (I would like you to imagine me saying the word "ilk" with the greatest disgust) already treat all examples of equal treatment towards Muslims as examples of catering toward them and betrayal of America's values - would you have praised Obama for his inclusiveness and understanding, or taken the Sean Hannity route: "SEE!? Muslims sitting right behind Barack Hussein Obama! Is this the President that you want to vote for!?"

Sorry, but being a smug, smirking hateful liar is nothing new.

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