Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sheer Linkage Part 3: Watch Shows and Movies Online

Heaven knows that the internet's a great resource for watching stuff online, and I'm not talking about YouTube. Ditch your TiVo and give the following sites a go for more convenient - though lower-resolution - DVD rips of your favorite shows.

I'm duty-driven to put Hulu first, as it's probably the only legitimate site in this batch. Hit it up for new (and some older) episodes of The Office, House, The Simpsons, Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica and scads of others. Some of the promotional clips are mere excerpts, in which case you'll want to continue on.

SurfTheChannel is loaded with the same, but includes the entire back archive of nearly any recent show you can think of. Check out their list of TV shows or extensive list of movies to see what I mean. does a better job of aggregating and updating valid links around the net to most recent movies. Want to watch Iron Man before it's out on DVD? Well, you can. The quality and speed of these links varies but you'll find near-DVD quality DIVX-encoded links from time to time, making the trip well worth it. Sometimes you'll even get the Camcorder-smuggled-into-the-theater version of the film! It's an adventure!

For individual shows, there's several dedicated sites available:

The Simpsons Link1 Link2 Link3 (The last link is pretty comprehensive.)

Futurama (The videos uploaded by nidhi are usually working)

Family Guy (Easy table of all the episodes)

The Office

Even you South Park fans are covered.

NOTE: You'll want to avoid Chinese file-sharing sites Youku and Tudou, which are usually the worst of the bunch. Their Chinese subtitles, low resolution and slow loading speed make nearly anything else a better choice. Only try them if you can't find what you're looking for somewhere else.

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