Saturday, May 03, 2008

Repagination: View Multiple Pages In One Window

I just downloaded a great Firefox Extension called Repagination, which allows you to get around the obnoxious recent trend of websites which split articles into multiple pages. It's pretty non-obtrusive: just right-click on the page's "Next" button and indicate how many pages you would like to add on to your existing window.

Now, it adds the entire page, meaning that ads and banners will be duplicated, but it's still far better than tabbing a hundred windows with the clickwheel button or waiting for sites to load. I highly recommend this plug-in for webcomics and blogs with long archives. You can even set the browser to cycle through pages automatically. Crash somebody's computer by loading "All" in a Google search window with 1,500,000 views! The utility of the program goes on and on.

Download Repagination

NOTE: It seems that the extension tops out at one hundred pages, meaning that attempting to load the totality of Google onto your friend's computer won't crash the thing. (I searched for the word "the" and it took up about 85MB of RAM before stopping.) Might I suggest a page full of autoplaying video clips instead?

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