Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Little Something For Fans of Beyond Good and Evil

I've just read a story better than any nightcap - something that should excite fans of 2003's Beyond Good and Evil (there are a few of us, despite what the first game's lackluster sales may lead you to think): Kotaku reports that a sequel is in development. That's right - one of my favorite games of the last generation will see new light in this era.

It's nice to play a game where the characters are important and interesting. Most franchises fall flat in this respect while movies millions of copies, while BG&E nailed everything with heart to spare. Buy the original online while you still can - it hit the bargain bins well before its intended time.

[S-s-s-spoilers ahoy!] There's not much else to report, except that it's nice to see Pey'j alive and well. Some of us feared the worst after BG&E's cliffhanger ending. I worried mainly that the entire series would end on such a sour note.[/spoilers]

The teaser trailer does everything right, reiterating the humor of the first game while keeping Jade safely out of sight for future announcements. Huzzah and sweet dreams!

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