Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dilbert Mashups Bring in the Partial Fun!

Scott Adams has a relatively new tool on his site allowing you to create mashups of daily Dilbert strips. It's slow, unresponsive and exactly what we expect from the new Web (slow, unresponsive, community-oriented; everything that I hate!) Most of the strips are derivative and unfunny, but the site forces you into that box by allowing you access only to the text of the final panel.

But a couple user mashups actually caught my eye, the first earning an internal grin while sneaking in some criticism of recent Dilbert strips (those of you who have problems with itty-bitty text may click on the following images for enlargements) :

Another netizen has discovered the obvious artistic utility of the tool:

Eventually I went to the trouble of registering for the site and created a mashup of my own, without bothering to read the first two panels provided. It worked out all right in the end:

And then I discovered that a surreal approach to the final panels are far more satisfying:

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