Monday, April 21, 2008

Forest For the Trees Now 50 Strong

Today I posted my fiftieth strip at Forest For the Trees. I've been updating more regularly and will continue to do so in the future, so hopefully it won't take another five months for the next 50. I'm thinking that my writing is getting better, but I'm aware that the quality of the art has been slipping (see above). School can do that to ya.

I'll be touching up the art more in Photoshop before I post, so hopefully you'll start seeing more art like this and less like this.

Still, take a look at the strip if you like. It's 25 to a page so the whole archive fits in two screens, though you'll have to click to magnify most of them to get the full impact of the majestic art. Remember, at Cracking My Knuckles in Public and her sister blogs, we love you. And we would never tell you to click on the ads, par Blogger's policy.

(Note to Blogger: Ha ha! Humor!)

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