Monday, April 21, 2008

Inherit the Weez

According to Pitchfork, this is the new Weezer album cover.

Weezer hasn't had a great album for twelve years, so considering the joke that their last album was I reckon it's nice to see their album covers fall into depressing self-parody as well.

But wait! It gets better! Pitchfork goes on to redeem the art with the following request:

If [this is] true, can it get married to this Lil Wayne album cover? And can they have lots of baby album covers featuring unflattering yet TOTALLY AMAZING portraits of the artists?

Using my rudimentary Photoshop skills, I have (sort of) fulfilled Pitchfork's request. Behold:

Aside from "somebody make this album", my main thought is a slight worry that I now take orders from Pitchfork Media. I will serve you well, my new master.

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