Friday, March 21, 2008


Those who have listened to my recent music may or may not have noticed that I've been incorporating more original sounds since I got a microphone. That's all fine and dandy when I have awesome clear samples to to obscure the occasional mic hissing, but I've been waiting on starting the next track until I get a better microphone. I've found that my best ideas come through the creation process, so I'm not going to plan the track until my mic is ready, though I have some ideas.

At any rate, those who enjoyed my previous tracks may enjoy "Morning", a track that I wrote in a solid hour for my evening art class. It's a bit of musique concrète with some chance elements built in as well (I set the pitches of the twitchy sound effects at the end by plugging something like 200 integers from a random number generator into Acid Pro). I'm not making any grand artistic statements with this - I consider it a bit of fun (not to mention a requirement for my class).

Listen Here (You may have to left-click "download" to hear the song)

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