Monday, March 24, 2008

Fascist School Sugar Ban Leads to "Sugar Pushers"

A sugar molecule in its natural habitat.

Governor Schwarzenegger's fascist 2005 bill banning junk food sales in California schools is another grand example of another delightful government push to Make Everything Better. Thankfully, some children are taking justice into their own hands and selling sodas, candy and other junk food on campus.

I'm well aware that the kids are just looking for a quick buck, and making quite a profit to boot. Still, in a state where battling childhood obesity is apparently a greater necessity than preserving freedom, God bless these kids.

EDIT: Happy 200th post, by the way. And for everybody who will balk at my "fascist" label, consider this: The Arnold, on behalf of the California g├╝bernmint, actually signed a law restricting the sale of legal substances in California schools, even between students.


  1. I looked up the term Fascism in wikipedia.....Fascists typically seek to form a mass movement of militants who are willing to engage in violence against their perceived enemies.....
    By definition, it is hardly fascism. Take a look at the results of such policies in Georgia elementary school the past ten years.
    these results are admirable. That we all consider such policies for our children's future. especially with diabetes so rampant amongst the youth, along with obesity and high blood pressure. One of four children are on medication for chronic illness. Time for healthy lifestyles.

  2. Actually, fascism doesn't necessarily need to have a militaristic component. In a more general sense fascism refers to the elevation of some principle or ideology over the freedom of the individual.

    Whether you're waving the "security" flag or the "health" flag, it's still fascist in nature for a federal organization to restrict individual liberties in the name of health, no matter the positive outcome you wish to achieve.


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