Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Emotion-Tinged Games That Transcend "Fun"

Lately I've been all agog over a pair of thought-provoking games by designer/artist Jason Rohrer, treatises on life, death, family and priorities. Like the Nifflas's amazing exploration game Knytt Stories the simple graphics and gameplay add to the effect. Rohrer's focus, however, is not gameplay but inward reflection. On a related note, have you ever been "all agog"? It isn't pretty. I may need physical therapy.

Anyway, the first of these games is the excellent Gravitation. I don't want to give anything about this amazing game away, but I suggest that you play it first, then read some of the comments on this page, especially the comment by Apollos.

Passage was the first game, and hits many of the same bases as Gravitude, but in a different way. It's sweet or melancholy, depending on your point of view. Out of context, Passage even seems nihilistic.

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