Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Comics Rant Part 2

As long as I'm on the subject of comics strips, I'd like to get something off of my chest. I'm fast growing fond of the strip "Ziggy". In previous years, I've lumped it into the same category as "Family Circus" or "Born Loser" - execrable, cynically-exploitative strips that shouldn't exist. Boy, was I wrong (about "Ziggy", I mean - those other strips can still rot in Hades).

My roommates mock my "Ziggy" fondness, but I've since grown an appreciation for the little pantsless wonder. Once a week or so I'll see a fantastic, surreal strip - one that tops nearly everything else in the comics. The turnabout came years ago when I saw Ziggy's doctor, smiling manically, say: "First we'll build up your strength for the x-rays", as Ziggy sat terrified on an exam chair.

Yesterday's strip was in a similar vein:

It's so arbitrary, so strange and sad, that I can't help but to love it. That's when I noticed that Tom Wilson's signature looks suspiciously similar to that of famed surreal cartoonist Gahan Wilson. Could there be a connection? (It's only wishful thinking that they're related - Google says no.) Am I wrong for liking Ziggy?

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