Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Thank You, Force of Fate

A wonderful story from Louisiana:

Video Gamer's 'I Have Killed Them All' Call Leads to Arrest
Wednesday, February 20, 2008
Associated Press

DELHI, La. — A call mistakenly made by a victorious video gamer led to his arrest on an outstanding warrant.

Authorities arrested Thomas Ballard, 29, of Delhi, early Monday after a woman reported receiving a late-night call from someone saying, "I have killed them all."

Ballard's number showed up on the woman's caller ID; he'd called by mistake, meaning instead to get a buddy to talk-up his success in an Xbox game, said Sgt. Julie Lewis, a spokeswoman for the Louisiana State Police.

Authorities following up at the address, to investigate whether there had been any foul play, found no evidence of wrongdoing, she said. But they did find, in the process of identifying Ballard, that he had a 5-year-old warrant out of Baton Rouge, charging him with failure to appear on a possession of cocaine charge.

Ballard was booked into the Richland Parish Detention Center for extradition to Baton Rouge.

"It was weird the way this all came down," Lewis said Tuesday. "This isn't something you could just make up."

I'm glad that his first utterance was something so cryptic and scary, and that he didn't actually bother to check that it was, in fact, his friend on the line, or we wouldn't have had this great story.

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